Hitchin widow Liz reduced to tears by Virgin Media letters addressed to late husband

Liz Lowther with the Virgin Media hub

Liz Lowther with the Virgin Media hub - Credit: Archant

Widow Liz Lowther told Virgin Media her husband had died when he passed away 10 months ago – but the message just hasn’t got through.

And she told this week how she has been reduced to tears by a long chain of correspondence still addressed to hubby James – culminating in a demand for the return of equipment and the threat of a possible £150 bill.

Liz, of Keats Way, Hitchin, wrote to Richard Branson’s media company as she was winding up her husband’s affairs, asking them to transfer the account into her name.

She said: “That’s when my problems with Virgin began. I have had numerous letters still addressed to James.

“To lose my beloved husband was terrible. It didn’t have to be made worse by Virgin repeatedly sending letters to me in his name – despite me sending them at least 12 letters and making around the same number of phone calls.

“Virgin Media have shown a complete lack of compassion.

“Maybe Richard Branson should spend less time staring at the stars and more time dealing with customers here on earth.

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“In December I had had enough and gave them notice, saying I no longer wished to stay with them because of their behaviour.

“But on Saturday a letter came, again addressed to my husband, requesting their hub back.

“I have been in tears at their insensitive attitude – and not even an apology has been sent.

“I’m an elderly lady but I am a strong person. If this had happened to an older woman it might have destroyed them. Even so it has brought me to tears.

“I am 70 years old and my friends are horrified at what has happened since my dear husband passed away.

“I am still waiting for a written apology. I am not asking for compensation as I don’t need it but it would be nice to get some sort of recognition from Virgin as they have caused me such distress.

“Lots of my friends have told me they have experienced something similar with Virgin customer service.

“When I went to cancel my husband’s Barclaycard they not only did it straight away but sent me a lovely letter and some flowers. And Sky have been good in their dealings with me so far.

“But I have had to deal with the stress of Virgin writing letters to my dead husband for nearly a year now – I am disgusted by it.

“I wrote to Richard Branson but I have had no reply, He’s probably just sitting on his island.

Virgin Media say they have now made contact with Liz to tell her she does not need to return the hub.

A Virgin spokesman said: “As she is now with another provider, we’ve closed the account and ensured there are no outstanding charges. We’ve spoken to Mrs Lowther and she is reassured we’ve done all we can.”