Hitchin teen encourages volunteering

A HITCHIN teen who has the “volunteering bug” is urging other youngsters in Comet country to get on board and give up a bit of their time for others.

Garry Hendry volunteers for a number of causes, including local youth-run community radio station Mill FM.

The university advertising student also sits on volunteering charity CSV’s youth board. The organisation is made up of young people who regularly meet to discuss government issues that affect them, and promote volunteering and fundraising events at schools.

“I’m really enjoying my time on the board, as I’ve always felt a need to have my voice heard, and this time people are listening and I’m actually making a really difference,” said the 19-year-old.

“I started off small, manning charity cake sales at lunchtime, but once I caught the volunteering bug, I just couldn’t stop.”

The Hitchin-based Mill FM station, where Garry has volunteered previously, is looking to start up again next week.

The project was set-up in 2009 by Groundwork Hertfordshire to give young people a platform to perform, express their views and show off their talent and skills.

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Garry is looking to spend his time at the station building up experience in DJing, publicising and technical support.

“I’m really excited about getting involved this time round, as I’ve always fancied myself as a bit of a DJ,” he added.

“Volunteering is such a rewarding experience with benefits to both the people and communities you help, as well as yourself. I’ve gained self-confidence, learnt new skills and met some amazing people.

“Volunteering is a really rewarding experience and if you can get involved during the summer holidays, then even better.

“I will continue to volunteer for many years to come and I hope that other young people can experience the same joy from it that I have.”

For more information about Mill FM, contact Diana Hedley at Groundwork Hertfordshire 01707 855182 or by email at diana.hedley@groundwork.org.uk