Hitchin targeted by phone scammers posing as police officers

There have been 18 reported attempts to scam people between Friday and yesterday, including four inc

There have been 18 reported attempts to scam people between Friday and yesterday, including four incidents in Hitchin. - Credit: Archant

Phone scammers have been targeting Hitchin over the weekend, with police praising the public for saying no to fraudsters.

Officers have been made aware of 18 scam calls across Herts between Friday and yesterday, including four in Hitchin.

In each case the callers claimed to be police officers, either stating they had arrested a person who had been found in possession of the victims’ bank cards or that they were investigating fraudulent activity on the victims’ accounts.

None of the calls resulted in personal information being given or money taken, after those targeted became suspicious and ended the call.

A police spokesman said: “Fraudsters will use a number of tactics to try and convince people that they are genuinely investigating fraudulent activity and that they need people’s bank cards and money as part of an investigation, including offering reference numbers and contact names.

“The police and banks would never ask anyone to send them bank cards, money or any other property. This is simply something that would not happen in any circumstances – no matter what a person says or who they claim to be.”

If you are suspicious of a caller then officers are urging you to end the call and contact police via 101 – waiting at least five minutes before attempting to make the call to ensure they are no longer on the line.

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For more information and advice visit www.herts.police.uk/PhoneScams.

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