Hitchin shoppers experience the effects of blindness

SHOPPERS in Hitchin donned blindfolds and special glasses on Saturday, to experience what it is like to have impaired vision.

The event, which was in recognition of World Sight Day, saw town centre manager Keith Hoskins walk around the market square with a stick and obstructed vision, to raise awareness of the condition.

“I was escorted round and still found the whole experience quite scary,” said Mr Hoskins.

“I don’t know how people cope with just a stick or even a guide dog. We all need to be more aware of their difficulties.”

Hitchin Lions club, who organised the event, also set up a stall in the market square to promote the problem.

“We were pleased to be able to remind Hitchin shoppers about the importance of regular eye tests,” said Hitchin Lions club president Lesley Davies.

“People were particularly interested in trying on special glasses which simulate conditions, and some were quite shocked by the effects on their vision.”

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