Hitchin’s passionate Amy sees her health and happiness grow!

Amy Huggins. CREDIT: Kama J Frankling Photography

Amy Huggins. CREDIT: Kama J Frankling Photography - Credit: Archant

Disillusioned with a corporate career, and having retrained to be a naturopathic nutritionist Hitchin’s Amy Huggins launched Health and Happiness, a raw juice company.

Two years on the successful Amy has now started a new facet to her business – Health and Happiness Fertility Nutrition.

Hitchin’s appetite for health foods has certainly progressed since the launch of Amy’s lone juice company in 2014.

The town now boasts the nationally recognised plant-based Café Chia, several juice companies, and even has chef Martin Burke who delivers vegetarian lunch boxes to the town’s ravenous residents.

Even at its inception, when Amy was doing all the juicing and delivering herself from her Hitchin kitchen, she ambitiously stated then she wanted Health and Happiness to become a wellness brand, citing working with children as a goal.

And it seems her wishes are coming true, as she’s now launched a new facet of her business Health and Happiness Fertility Nutrition.

She said: “It stemmed from being diagnosed with and healing my own infertility-related condition, and working with women to help them regain their natural fertility.

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“With IVF funding being cut across the UK, including Hertfordshire, I hope many more women will start to explore natural methods to support their fertility journey.

“The truth is that our bodies have an innate ability to heal themselves. I simply facilitate that healing with the right foods, supplements and techniques.

“I am really excited to be launching a venture which is so close to my heart, and the prospect of boosting the Hitchin population even more.”

For more on Health and Happiness Fertility Nutrition go to www.amyhuggins.com.

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