Hitchin politician visiting New York observing US Election speaks of her profound regret about ‘terrible’ Donald Trump succeeding Barack Obama as President

Keith Hoskins and Judi Billing in Times Square, New York

Keith Hoskins and Judi Billing in Times Square, New York - Credit: Archant

A prominent Hitchin Labour councillor who visited New York to observe the democratic process during the US election has spoken of her profound regret about Donald Trump becoming the 45th President of the United States of America.

Judi Billing – a North Herts district councillor and county councillor who had lent her support to Hillary Clinton’s ultimately unsuccessful campaign – spoke to the Comet from the Big Apple a short while after Trump was elected this morning.

She said: “After eight years when it seemed gentleness, equality of opportunity, dignity and self-effacing humour were all the best traits for a superb US President I am absolutely devastated by the prospect of this terrible man succeeding Barack Obama in the White House.

“The world seems to be so full of hate and bigotry everywhere I turn I honestly can’t see a way forward.

“Not in what remains of my lifetime anyway. I have a desperate sense of fear for my children, grandchildren and dear friends.”

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