COVID career changes of Hitchin residents documented in podcast series

Jeremy Cline started his podcast in 2019, and today launched his new series telling the stories of COVID career changes

Jeremy Cline started the Change Work Life podcast in October 2019, and today launched the first in his new series telling the stories of COVID career changes of Hitchin residents - Credit: Jeremy Cline

A Hitchin podcaster is exploring the changes people have made to their careers as a result of the pandemic, as part of a new short series.

Featuring interviews with Hitchin residents, podcaster Jeremy Cline has launched side project Covid Stories today (July 6), as part of his Change Work Life podcast, which he started in October 2019.

“The podcast is for mid-life professionals who are in what looks like a comfortable place - good job, well paid, family, mortgage - but who just aren’t satisfied with their career”, Jeremy explained.

“My goal is to help people banish those dreaded Sunday-evening blues by showcasing the changes that others in a similar position have already made.

“The pandemic has really brought this whole question of career satisfaction into sharp relief for many people.

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“If you’ve been made redundant, furloughed, or have been working from home for the past year or so, you may have realised that your career just wasn’t satisfying you and you don’t want things to go back to the way they were before the pandemic." 

Jeremy has already interviewed a number of local residents for his podcast, including local celebrity Miles Chapman, writer and star of hit Channel 4 comedy Lee and Dean, and Pilates Pod founder Michelle Smith. 

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“There’s an amazing entrepreneurial spirit in Hitchin so there’s been no shortage of material for my podcast, and I was keen to tap into that when I planned this series about the impact COVID has had on people’s careers.”

Jeremy’s inaugural Covid Stories episode features Chris Bryant, co-founder of Lost Nomads Pizza.

“Chris personifies my ideal listener," Jeremy said.

"He had a good job in financial services in the city that afforded him a very comfortable lifestyle. But he hated the work, and the pandemic made him realise there was more to life than exotic holidays and meals at Michelin-starred restaurants.

"He’s now started a catering business - who starts a catering business in the middle of a pandemic? - and he’s making a real success out of it. Chris’ story is a real inspiration for just what’s possible.”

Jeremy's first episode with Chris is available at, with new episodes in the series released on a biweekly basis. The next episode, featuring Kerry Parkin of Est. Communications, launches next Tuesday.

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