Hitchin murder accused claims ‘victim was the aggressor’ during trial

A HITCHIN teenager, accused of murdering a partially-sighted man during a late night row, told the jury at his trial that the knife used to stab the victim belonged to the deceased and that it was him who was the aggressor.

Jordan Kelly-Flattery, 19, of West Close, Hitchin admits stabbing 36 year-old Stondon man Graham ‘Snowy’ Snowden at the house in Milestone Road in the early hours of January 8, but denies murder.

He told Croydon Crown Court that a group, including the deceased and his drinking-pal Shane Howard, had gathered at the house.

“It was alright at first. We were all laughing and joking and listening to music,” Kelly-Flattery told the court.

“I saw Shane get out a wrap of white powder and the man he was with, Graham, got out a card and they both sniffed it.

“This man, Graham, then tried to stand up and it looked like he was going to fall over so I pushed him back down and said: ‘Relax. You’re going to fall over’.

“He tried to get up again and I pushed him down again and said: ‘You’re going to hurt yourself, you’re drunk.’

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“They both stunk of alcohol and were still drinking.

“He got up, wobbled a bit, and got in my face and said: ‘I’m a big man, you can’t push me down’ and slapped me in the face.”

Kelly-Flattery added: “I was a bit shocked and in fear. I did not want any trouble.

“Shane walked out of the front door and I was pulled into the corridor by Graham. He put his hand out and twice said: ‘Are we cool?’

“I put my hand on his hand and said: ‘Yes’ and as soon as I put my hand on his he punched me to the side of the face and to my stomach, which winded me and I fell to my knees.

“He tried to swing his foot towards me, like a kick, and was struggling to pull something out of his waistband.

“As he did, it dropped to the floor and at that point I was scared for my life because I noticed it was kitchen knife.

“The man went for the knife, but I was trying to go for the knife as well because I had a feeling I was going to be stabbed.

“I managed to get my hand on the knife and he came and attacked me again and I pushed him.

“He swung a punch at me and I pushed him again and he fell against the bannister of the stairs.

“I looked at my hand and saw there was blood on it and realised what I had done,” added the defendant.

“I said: ‘I’ve stabbed him’.”

The trial continues.