Hitchin motorist calls for witnesses after SUV hit-and-run

The victim's car after the hit-and-run in Hitchin's Westmill Road. Picture: Supplied

The victim's car after the hit-and-run in Hitchin's Westmill Road. Picture: Supplied - Credit: Archant

A motorist whose car has been written off after an uninsured driver smashed a lime-green SUV straight into it has called for anyone with information to come forward.

The female driver, who preferred not to be identified, told the Comet she was driving along Hitchin’s Westmill Road on Saturday with her boyfriend, on their way to pick up his son, when the crash happened at about 1.15pm.

She said: “A lime-green car was speeding towards us and hit us with impact.

“Despite my efforts to slam on the brakes in time, it was driving so fast, overtaking everything on its side of the road, and crashed straight into us.

“The man in the car then drove straight off down Milestone Road – essentially a hit-and-run – and has left us injured with bad whiplash. My car is a write-off.

“Luckily we were late picking my boyfriend’s son up so he wasn’t in the car with us, thank goodness.”

The woman said the green vehicle’s registration number and bumper had come off in the crash, and that she had since found out it was uninsured.

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The licence plate is W283 LYA, which is recorded by the DVLA as an untaxed green 2000 Mitsubishi, registered in Hitchin.

The woman has urged anyone who has seen or heard anything about this driver, or seen a damaged lime-green Mitsubishi SUV with a missing number plate, to get in touch with police.

“I feel so angry they had no insurance,” she said.

“I have already had to pay £150 to the garage that picked up my car and took it. I also have the cost of buying an entire new car because of this man.

“My car wasn’t worth enough to claim on my insurance, and my insurance will go up a considerable amount for years.

“Luckily my boyfriend and I didn’t have serious injuries, but whiplash is still horrible. It’s made me unable to work as I don’t have a car and I couldn’t lift my right arm, as my shoulder and top of arm were so painful along with my neck and back.

“I just want to find this man, or at least for witnesses to make statements about his dangerous driving. It has badly affected our lives and finances, and this man has so far got away with it.”

Police told the Comet officers were called to Westmill Road at 1.17pm on Saturday after a vehicle failed to stop at the scene of a crash, and that enquiries continue.

Anyone with information should call police on 101.