Hitchin man’s joy at unearthing archaeological ‘find of a life time’ near Royston

Phil Kirk with his metal detector

Phil Kirk with his metal detector - Credit: Archant

An amateur Hitchin metal detectorist has spoken of his joy at uncovering the ‘find of a life time’ when he discovered a roman burial site near Royston.

One of the smashed but complete mosaic glass dishes from Alexandria, Egypt.

One of the smashed but complete mosaic glass dishes from Alexandria, Egypt. - Credit: Archant

Phil Kirk, of St Faiths Close, was just about to head for home when his detector gave a ‘terrific signal’ which turned out to be a huge bronze Roman urn.

Two weeks later he and a team of archeologists returned to the site in farmers field in Kelshall for further excavation.

The team uncovered two shattered mosaic glass dishes from 200 AD Alexandria along with Roman jugs, glass bottles from the same time period.

Phil said: “It was the find of a lifetime. When I found the bronze urn, you know how they say your legs go like jelly? Well they really did, and my hands were shaking.

“I don’t think I will ever find anything that nice again. It is a bit like when you go fishing and you get all the tiddlers, and then you reel in a big’un and you can’t believe it.”

Phil found the finds in October last year.

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North Herts District Council is now trying to raise funds to buy the objects to display in its new museum.

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