Hitchin headteacher taped to the wall

A HEADTEACHER ended up in a bit of a sticky situation – but it was all for a good cause.

Highover JMI School’s Lisa Hayes agreed to be taped to the wall with gaffer tape at the annual Christmas fair.

Children and adults purchased a metre of tape for �1, and used it to secure the headteacher to the wall.

They then staked bets on how long she would remain stuck once the table she was standing on was removed, with the closest winning a prize.

Kris Cooper, school association chairman, said: “Mrs Hayes is very well respected and loved by our pupils and they couldn’t believe their luck when they realised they would get a chance to stick her to the wall without getting into trouble.

“Once we removed the table, she lasted 2.35 seconds. I have never heard so much laughter and cheer.

“We would like to say a big thank you to Mrs Hayes for having such a fantastic sense of humour. A lot of fun was had by the children, staff and parents and I’m sure they will be talking about the event for a long time.”

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The money raised from the fundraiser will go to the school.