Hitchin group set up for skilled craftsmen

A MAN has set up a community project to bring people together who have an interest in technology and crafts.

Alex Palfreman-Brown has set up Hitchin Hackspace, which pools together people’s resources so that they can learn new skills, teach new skills and socialise.

He wants to start up a big project within the group – with members currently working on individual projects – and is asking for those who may be interested to get in contact.

“It’s all about pooling and collaborating our resources,” said Alex.

“There’s talk now of us doing a big project, where we can all contribute something, but we also do our own thing.”

He added: “We’ve not got many members at the moment, but we are trying to make people more aware of what we are trying to achieve, and then hopefully they will want to come along.

“We are quite heavy on the electronics and IT at the moment, but any skills are welcome and we’d love for people from a more craft-based background to join.”

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The group meets twice a month – once in the Ransom’s Rec Pavilion and again in The Victoria, where it discusses ideas and potential projects.

But, eventually, Alex would like to have enough members and income to be able to rent out a workshop and, in turn, combine resources more.

It is the first hackspace group in the county – the nearest otherwise is London.

“Travelling to London takes quite a lot of time and money, and I thought we needed something like this here,” added Alex.

To find out more, visit hitchin.hackspace.org.uk or tweet @hackhitchin

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