Hitchin couple’s bid for Christmas number one

A CLASSIC Christmas number one is what one Comet country singer-songwriter is aiming for.

Singing teacher Laura Gillions, 27, and her partner, guitar teacher Paul McHugh, 39, from Hitchin were fed up with Christmas number ones “that are never about Christmas”, so they have recorded one themselves.

“The really good sing-a-long, dance-a-long Christmas songs just aren’t being written anymore,” Laura said, “so I decided to stop complaining about it and write one myself.”

The song, Only At Christmas, has a Queen flavour with “a rocky edge as well as a catchy pop melody,” Laura said, and also features the vocals of one of her students, 15-year-old Megan Close.

Laura said: “We wanted to take the opportunity to showcase some young local talent. We want creative teenagers out there to realise that going on The X Factor is not the only way to get into the industry.”

To hear a clip of the song, which is downloadable in full from iTunes, Spotify, Amazon digital and Reverbnation, click on the video.