Hitchin-based dentist to be struck off due to ‘clinical failings’

A Hitchin-based dentist is being struck off.

A Hitchin-based dentist is being struck off. - Credit: Getty Images/Comstock Images

A Hitchin-based dentist is to be struck off after allegations of misconduct were brought before a public hearing.

Jerzy Wladyslaw Konopacki, who had a practice at an address in Old Hale Way, is set to be removed from the General Dental Council’s register after evidence was heard by the body’s Professional Conduct Committee.

Charges he faced included not providing a good standard of care to a patient or appropriate treatment, and not keeping records up to date – including writing some entries in Polish without a sufficient translation.

In considering the case, the conduct committee said: “The clinical failings, which include errors in record-keeping are remediable in the committee’s view.

“However, there is no evidence of remediation from Mr Konopacki. As such those failings have not been remedied.

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“Given the absence of any evidence of remediation or steps taken towards addressing the failings, the committee concluded that there is a high risk of repetition in the future. There is also no evidence of insight from Mr Konopacki into the concerns raised against him.

“It concluded that given the absence of any evidence of remediation, insight and the high likelihood of repetition, Mr Konopacki’s fitness to practise is impaired by reason of his misconduct.

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“The committee also determined that professional standards and public confidence in the profession would be undermined if a finding of impairment were not made in the light of the clinical failings and dishonest conduct found proved against Mr Konopacki.”

Unless Mr Konopacki – who was immediately suspended – exercises his right of appeal, his name will be struck off the register in approximately 28 days’ time.

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