Hit and run victim reunited with Hitchin nurse who came to her aid

Cathie Robinson and Jennifer Munjee

Cathie Robinson and Jennifer Munjee - Credit: Archant

The ‘magic’ nurse who came to the aid of the female victim of a town centre collision in Hitchin has been located by The Comet – and had a far more enjoyable reunion with her yesterday.

Cathie Robinson of Radcliffe Road went to the aid of Jennifer Munjee after she was knocked down by a reversing car outside Lloyds Bank.

She told the Comet: “I was out shopping and saw a throng of people around a lady in the road. She had blood on her head.

“I explained to her I was a nurse at the Lister Hospital and told her to keep still and as calm as possible, and asked her usual nursing questions.

“She was very good as she chatted calmly. As there were lots of people around I joked with her, saying: ‘People will do anything for attention!’

“I think she was more worried about her husband worrying about her.

“I understand the driver of the car which knocked her down got out of the car and said ‘It must be her’ [I knocked over], before getting back in the car and driving off.”

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Victim Mrs Munjee, who was treated at the Lister Hospital after she suffered a cut head before being released said: “It was nice to meet Cathie in person and say thank you to her for helping me.

“Cathie is a lovely person, very nice, very caring. We had a nice chat over a coffee in Market Square. I told her a few things about myself and she told me a few things about her life – it was nice.

“When we talked about my accident I said to her: ‘You told me to lie still and don’t move,’

She replied: ‘Was I bossy?’, and I said to her: ‘You were simply commanding.’

“She was great, she had my best interests at heart.

“My husband and I bought her some yellow roses and some chocolates to thank her.

“Cathie told me: ‘You didn’t need to do that’ and I said: “I didn’t need to do that – but I wanted to!”

“We got on really well – I told her if I see her in Hitchin but don’t say hello it’s only because I have such a bad memory.

“I’m very thankful to Cathie for helping me when I was knocked over.”

If you have any information about the incident leading to Mrs Munjee being knocked down at around 2.20pm on Tuesday, September 30, call 101.