Historic Stevenage pub reopens - but developer plans remain

A community is celebrating after learning an historic pub will reopen with its former landlord after a fellow publican stepped in to take it on.

The Twin Foxes on Rockingham Way – the first pub in Stevenage new town, will reopen on Friday following its take-over by new tenant Paul Gould who read about its closure in the Comet.

Mr Gold, landlord of The Royal Oak in the town, reinstated former Twin Foxes landlord Del Denham, who was told to leave the pub two weeks ago by a holding company.

He had just finished renovating the building as an American-style diner and music venue.

“The community found out about the new two-year lease and spoke to Mr Gould and asked him to have me back there,” Mr Denham said.

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“Because of the response, he’s decided to go with them and bring me back.”

Mr Gould said after reading the story he spoke to locals and it was clear they wanted the pub to be there.

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“I then spoke to Del and thought his enthusiasm for the place and the community was great.”

Locals feared the borough council-owned building, which is leased by J Young Investments, would make way for flats or shops.

A threat which still remains Mr Gould said.

“It is no secret the builders want to put in planning permission to build on the site eventually.

“Having spoken to various people it’s not a given.

“The planning process has still to take place. We are not talking months, we are talking years.”

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