Herts County Council get smart on crime prevention

A COUNCIL is taking the law into their hands by launching a crime prevention product to help protect their vehicles from theft.

Hertfordshire County Council has joined a growing list of organisations protecting their vehicles with a pioneering product called SmartWater, which places a unique forensic signature on items making it easy for the police to detect stolen property.

Over the next few weeks SmartWater is being placed on all County Transport Services vehicles, which provide transport for vulnerable adults around Hertfordshire, as a deterent to criminals who might target these vehicles for parts.

Each bottle of SmartWater, a colourless liquid that is dabbed on the surfaces of items, has a unique chemical code which is registered and provides proof of ownership.

The liquid is invisible to the naked eye but glows under UV light allowing for detection and is almost impossible to remove.

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Stuart Pile, executive member for Highways and Transport, said: “Since April this year across the county we’ve had around 25 thefts of vehicle parts.

“We know we’re not alone in this - many vehicle operators are experiencing similar problems - so we want to take action to try and put an end to this trend.

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“By using SmartWater we’re sending a clear message to criminals who are targeting our vehicles for parts. These are not victimless crimes and directly impact on everyone in Hertfordshire by taking away taxpayers’ money from the running of essential public services.”

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