Hertfordshire author uses own grief to write bereavement support book

Author Julie New has drawn on her own experience of grief to write The Grief Garden Path - a book in

Author Julie New has drawn on her own experience of grief to write The Grief Garden Path - a book intended to support people in bereavement. Picture: Courtesy of Julie New - Credit: Archant

An author has used her own experience of grief to write a book to help others through bereavement, and show there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Julie New, who grew up in Welwyn Garden City and has lived in Letchworth for 14 years, released The Grief Garden Path last week - a book intended to offer real hope to anyone who has lost someone they love.

Through her own experiences of grief, Julie has found positive and inspiring ways to help people move forward from the pain of loss and to rediscover happiness.

The Grief Garden Path gives clear insight into the grieving process, and practical advice on how to understand where you are on the 'grief garden path'.

After a heartwarming fictional story, Julie includes nine touching real-life stories, contributed by people who have experienced sometimes overwhelming grief, including from the loss of a parent, a sibling and a child. Each person adds their own helpful tips on how to cope with grief.

Even Julie's own daugther, Amy, shares her story of losing her beloved dad - a Hertfordshire police inspector - when he died almost 11 years ago, aged just 44.

Julie, who is also a personal recovery coach, said: "The grieving process is a natural and vital part of overcoming grief. Even understanding that process can be incredibly helpful, and just as important is looking after yourself. Nearly everyone stops thinking about themselves when they have lost someone they love, but we all need certain things in our life in order to be healthy and happy." She continued: "It's important to remember that everyone's journey of grief is personal and individual. However, there are similarities for everyone in the process of grief. My aim is to help everyone to understand that there really is some light at the end of the tunnel, and to help them on their journey towards it."

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Linda Magistris, chief executive of The Good Grief Trust, has written the foreword to the book and said: "Julie has written this insightful and heartfelt book from a powerful place. We often lose sight of ourselves when we are grieving, so it is vital we find a way to nurture our souls."

Call 07967 135870 or email julie@julienew.co.uk for a copy of the book at £12.99, with £1 from each sale going to The Good Grief Trust.