Hertfordshire Surgicentre patient speaks out

A COUPLE who read last week’s Comet decided to take matters into their own hands, and went to the accident and emergency department of Moorfields Hospital in London.

Last week’s Comet revealed concerns from a top doctor advising GPs to think twice before sending patients to the Surgicentre’s eye department, after some were left with irreversible sight-loss.

Theresa Barrett’s eye was examined at Moorfields on Friday and a specialist arranged an operation on Sunday.

Husband Geoff said: “We are indebted to the writer of the leading article in last week’s Comet for drawing our attention to the apparent chaos at the Lister Surgicentre.

“Following a problem with her left eye my wife has been waiting weeks for an appointment with an eye specialist.”

Mr Barrett, from Walnut Avenue, Baldock, said the examination revealed a detached retina, which should have been treated weeks earlier when his wife’s symptoms first appeared.

The 76-year-old added: “Sadly, the weeks of delay mean, despite surgery, her left eye will never be normal again and we will not know for four to six weeks what the quality of sight in that eye will be.

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“Eyesight is far too precious to be put at risk in this way.”

Mrs Barrett, 71, is recovering from the operation at home and was keen for others to seek help if needed.

She said: “Anybody can go to Moorfields A&E if they need to.”