Heidi from Biggleswade says looking like the Michelin Man drove her to drop more than five stone

Heidi Cook after

Heidi Cook after - Credit: Archant

An incredible Weight Watcher from Biggleswade says she has a new lease of life after losing an amazing 5.25 stone with a slimming group.

Heidi Cook before

Heidi Cook before - Credit: Archant

Heidi Cook, 31, originally from Australia, weighed more than 16 stone before health concerns motivated her to sign up to her local Weight Watchers meeting and shed the pounds.

Heidi was the biggest in her friendship group and began feeling self-conscious about her size. Although aware of her weight, the trigger to do something about it came whilst on holiday with a friend:

She said: “I had been the biggest one in my friendship circle for a while however it wasn’t until I was on holiday with a girlfriend that I decided to do something about it. We had been a similar size in university so she said I could wear some of her clothes for a fancy lunch that we were going to, but when I tried them on I resembled the Michelin Man!

“From that moment I knew enough was enough. I returned from that holiday and joined Weight Watchers as soon as I got home.

Heidi Cook before

Heidi Cook before - Credit: Archant

“When I made the decision to lose weight there was no other option for me – my mum, auntie and cousin are all Gold members and I knew I wanted to get there with them.”

Heidi joined Weight Watchers in January 2016, and has since lost more than five stone, transforming her look.

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She has praised her group leader, Ekta Bulsara, for helping her succeed.

“Weight Watchers still lets me live life to the fullest.

“I have brunch with my friends on a Saturday and maybe prosecco in the afternoon on Sundays.

“I don’t change my life, I just change the way that I look at food. I prepare before eating out by looking at menu’s so that I know what the best options to take are.

“I will also ensure that I bulk out my meals with more fruit and veg in the day if I know I am eating somewhere in the evening.

“I went from being someone who didn’t have enough time to lose weight - and that’s why I was the size I was - to being someone who makes time!

“I now make time to eat better, to exercise and most importantly make time for me.”

Heidi continues to attend her local Weight Watchers meetings in Biggleswade.

To find out more about Weight Watchers, and to find your nearest meeting visit www.weightwatchers.co.uk.

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