Men's health champion receives funding boost from Ashwell Masonic Lodge

Ashwell Masonic Lodge with their donation to Men's Health Champion

Ashwell Masonic Lodge with their donation to Men's Health Champion - Credit: East & North Herts NHS Trust

Ashwell Masonic Lodge has raised £4,870 to support the Men’s Health Champion based at Lister Hospital in Stevenage.

Men are more likely to ignore health problems and have a higher suicide rate than women, and this money aims to help raise awareness of the health issues men are facing.

During Adrian Morris’ tenure as Worshipful Master of the Lodge, he chose to raise funds for the post.

This will help to provide help with men’s health, whether that is physical or mental health and will provide information and support before, during and after treatment.

Adrian Morris said: “We know that men can sometimes ignore health worries when they should be getting help, so we chose to help fund the Men’s Health Champion role.

"They help to raise awareness of the health issues men face and can provide advice and information.”

Scott Horsley, urology nurse practitioner at East and North Hertfordshire NHS Trust, was appointed to the Men’s Health Champion role last year.

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He said: “I’ve only been in the post a year, but I have already seen how having someone champion men’s health issues makes a real difference.

"Men can sometimes be reluctant to seek help, but that’s where I come in to offer support and advice.”

One of the projects that Scott has initiated is having regular meet ups of men who are facing treatment for prostate cancer.

They meet in a venue outside of the hospital environment and the men and their partners can voice their concerns with people who are going through the same thing.

"It has been a valuable experience for them to have this opportunity and find support from each other," Scott added.

“Thank you to Ashwell Masonic Lodge for helping me continue to champion men’s health.”

To help support the charity-funded Men’s Health Champion role, visit