Light at the end of the tunnel as government announces 'roadmap out of lockdown'

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has outlined a roadmap to the end of lockdown

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has outlined a roadmap to the end of lockdown - Credit: Supplied

The end may be in sight as the government has announced the cautious steps that will get us out of lockdown and back to normal life.

This afternoon Prime Minister Boris Johnson made a statement about when restrictions will be lifted in England - outlining a four-step plan to ease lockdown.

Step one, on March 8, will see schools reopening and two people allowed to meet outdoors for a chat.

From March 29, outdoor gatherings will be allowed between six people or two households, and outdoor sports will be allowed to resume. The stay at home order will end, but people will still be encouraged to remain local and work from home where possible.

Step two will happen no earlier than April 12, and will see non-essential retail such as hairdressers, nail salons, museums and libraries open.

Pubs and restaurants will reopen with the rule of six in place, and gyms and indoor swimming pools will reopen.

Funerals can continue with up to 30 people, and weddings with up to 15 people.

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Step three will happen no earlier than May 17, and will allow people to mingle outdoors up to a limit of 30 people.

Mixing indoors will be allowed for two households, with the rule of six still in place for indoor hospitality, cinemas. Soft play centres will reopen and up to 30 people will be able to attend weddings and funerals.

The government hopes that step four, which is set to be in place from June 21, will see the end of all legal limits on social contact - and therefore hopefully a return to life as we knew it. 

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