The CEO of Letchworth Foodbank has thanked the community following a recent spate of donations, equalling almost 30 tons.

The charity - supported by The Trussell Trust - runs from three locations in Hitchin, Baldock and Letchworth.


In 2022, the organisation provided food for 2,300 children and over 3,000 adults.

According to the Letchworth Foodbank, this equals approximately 610 households in total.

Peter McMeekin, the charity's CEO, said: "The reason that we were able to do that, was because of the generosity of the people that donate to us.


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"For example, during Harvest festival time last year, we received about 14 tons of food and donations from supermarkets, from schools, from community groups in the local area, and from individuals in the local area.

"Then, coming up on Christmas - in September, November, 2022 - we received a further 15 tons in food donations, again from the local community.

"We're really grateful, and we really couldn't do what we do without the local community's help."

Peter continued, speaking of how the cost of living crisis has affected the foodbank.

He added: "We've probably got about twice the number of people coming in, than we had this time last year.

"We've seen a steady increase from the time of the first cuts in Universal Credit, around last January.

"When the cost of living crisis started, we started to struggle and our donations fell off a cliff, but it has recovered.

"I think it was because people themselves didn't really know what was going to happen next, so they were maybe holding back a little bit.

"We found ourselves, around the middle of last year, having to go out for the first time and actually buy food to restack some of our shelves.

"We still have to do that a little bit, for particular items, but we seem to be on much more of an even keel now, in terms of donations coming in."

For more information about Letchworth Foodbank, and which items to donate, visit the organisation's website (