Hats off to Stevenage cancer charity for scheme to combat hair loss

Cancer Hair Care founder Jasmin Julia Gupta has launched a new initiative.

Cancer Hair Care founder Jasmin Julia Gupta has launched a new initiative. - Credit: Archant

A cancer charity which helps people who have suffered hair loss due to chemotherapy has launched a new initiative to boost the confidence of young patients.

Jasmin Julia Gupta, the founder of Cancer Hair Care in Stevenage’s Middle Row, has launched Twin Hats – a non-profit enterprise aimed at providing free hats to children with cancer.

Every time a hat is sold, another new hat will be given free of charge to a cancer patient to cover up hair loss and help them regain confidence and dignity.

Jasmin, who founded the charity in 2011, said: ““It’s getting tougher and tougher for cancer charities like mine to raise enough funds to support people in need.

“One day the idea came to me – why not sell something people want and need and use the profits to give free hats to people with hair loss?

“It’s tough enough when a cancer diagnosis is given but, on top of that, hair loss can make children and adults feel isolated and desperate.

“Cancer Hair Care looks after thousands of people with cancer every year. Times are tough and people with cancer are facing not only life-challenging health decisions but also financial hardship.

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“I meet so many parents who can barely afford both the time and finance to visit their sick child every day in hospital.

“A free specialist hat for their child, designed to cover hair loss, delivered to their child’s bedside, can offer such comfort at a time of great need.”

The woollen hats, which are hand-knitted by artisan knitters in Nepal under Fairtrade, are £14.95 for adults and £12.95 for children. Visit The Caring Hair Studio in Middle Row or www.twinhats.co.uk for yours.

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