Hartlepool make official complaint over Boro warm-down

United unhappy with time Stevenage subs spent warming down after FA Cup tie last week

Hartlepool United have made an official complaint to the Football League regarding the amount of time Stevenage’s substitutes stayed on the pitch for the post-match warm-down following their FA Cup tie on November 12.

Stevenage won the game 1-0 but after the match while Boro’s substitutes were still warming down Hartlepool turned off the main floodlights and stewards ushered the Stevenage players and fitness coach Neil Withington off the pitch leaving them to wait in a corridor while Graham Westley finished his post-match team talk.

Hartlepool have since made an official complaint to the Football League. A spokesman for the League said that a complaint has been received and it has written to Stevenage for its comments.