Harry puts shift in for Stevenage hospital that saved him

Harry as a baby.

Harry as a baby. - Credit: Archant

A woman whose son was seriously ill when she gave birth to him eights weeks prematurely is raising money for the neo-natal unit that saved his life.

Theresa Villapando, neonatal senior sister, Sara Caine, son, Harry Pannell and Grandmother Mary Camp

Theresa Villapando, neonatal senior sister, Sara Caine, son, Harry Pannell and Grandmother Mary Campany. - Credit: Archant

When Sara Caine’s son Harry was born at Lister Hospital in Stevenage in January 2012 he was seriously ill with bacterial blood infections septicemia and Ecoli.

Harry, now aged two, was born after 32 weeks and four weeks after his mother’s water broke while shopping in Tesco Extra on The Forum.

He spent weeks in the hospital’s neo-natal unit and Sara wanted to raise some money for the East and North Herts Hospitals’ Charity – the Comet’s Charity of the Year – to say thank you.

The 29-year-old, who lives in Stevenage, said: “I gave birth to Harry very early and he only weighed three pounds.

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“I was really worried because I’d lost a baby at 16 weeks in 2010 and had to give birth.

“The whole experience was really traumatic and I didn’t know how I would cope with it happening again.

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“I was just in Tesco next to the bananas when my waters broke. I was with my mum and she thought I was wetting myself but I just couldn’t stop it.

“It was that I realised something was wrong so I went straight to the hospital where they told me what had happened.

“All the doctors and nurses in the hospital were fantastic. I couldn’t fault a thing they did.

“The care was brilliant. I was worried that even if he pulled through he’d have all sorts of life-long medical problems but he’s a lively and beautiful young boy who runs around without a care in the world.”

To raise money Sarah and Harry were in the Tesco store where her waters broke.

Harry helped the store’s staff with their day-to-day tasks and will be wearing his own Tesco uniform.

Anyone who wishes to donate to the charity can contact their office directly on 01438 286142.

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