Halloween: Don’t be tricked – your pumpkin’s a treat, says Central Beds Council

Councillor Budge Wells is encouraging people to recycle their pumpkins...

Councillor Budge Wells is encouraging people to recycle their pumpkins... - Credit: Archant

If you are carving pumpkins this Halloween, you should eat the flesh and recycle the gourds – not because it’s part of some bizarre pagan ritual, but because it’s good for the environment.

That’s according to Central Bedfordshire Council, which is urging people to munch their pumpkins to avoid a lot of edible vegetables going to waste.

More than a quarter of the millions of pumpkins grown and sold each year end up in landfill – which equates to 18,000 tonnes.

The council issued a statement saying: “Don’t be tricked. Pumpkins are not just a decoration but a very delicious treat after Halloween.

“They can be made into a number of recipes including pies, cakes, breads, curries and soups – so why not make the most of your pumpkin?”

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Councillor Budge Wells, the council’s executive member for community services, added: “We encourage families to keep food waste to a minimum all year round. Festivals such as Halloween can be expensive, so it’s particularly important that people make the most of their money and their food.

“If we are to tackle the seven million tonnes of food and drink wasted from British homes each year, we must recognise pumpkins are a valuable source of food and not just for decoration.

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“Halloween is a great opportunity to help our children understand where food comes from and involve them in cooking a simple meal with their pumpkin carvings.”

The council says half of people in the UK have never eaten a pumpkin and that six people in 10 said in a recent survey they wouldn’t know how to cook one.

To find pumpkin recipes go to lovefoodhatewaste.com.

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