Group helps Stevenage writers trying to get their work printed

Group secretary Tony Burton with writers Oliver Cousins and Joy Plummeridge.

Group secretary Tony Burton with writers Oliver Cousins and Joy Plummeridge. - Credit: Archant

Budding authors who are struggling to have their work recognised in a crowded market can join a group of like-minded people helping each other get their books published.

The Stevenage Writers Group meets every Wednesday evening in The Dun Cow pub’s snug bar.

Its members write on subjects ranging from fantasy fiction to period dramas and family history and welcome anyone looking for tips and help in the pursuit of publication.

Although in recent years writers like JK Rowling and EL James have turned their way with words into multimillion fortunes, success stories like that are rare.

But writing a work that connects with readers, and then seeing it published, is rewarding in other ways even if publishers don’t beat a path to your door with a giant advance.

The group’s secretary Tony Burton said: “We’re a support group of writers who offer help to anyone trying to get their work published.

“We are here to help each other and make an absolute point of giving constructive criticism to improve each other’s work.

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“If you have questions about ways of getting your work published or want it critiqued in a friendly and supportive atmosphere then we’re the group for you.”

The group was founded around three years ago out of the North Herts Writers Group and runs a website which promotes its members’ blogs.

“Anybody can be a writer,” claimed Tony, who has had several books self-published on Amazon.

“You’ve got to draw on your inspiration and share your creativity in an engaging way with other people.

“That’s the key to writing and it’s easier said than done which is why we aim to help people improve their skills in a welcoming environment.

“We are a friendly group who recognise the efforts people make to write something whether it be a book or blog.

“Nowadays there’s a lot more to getting published than just writing and we can help people to understand the things you need to use in order to get there, like using social media.

“Our group is a great place to get started and we will welcome any new members with open arms.”

Despite offering budding authors support, Tony was keen to point out that it is not there to teach people how to write.

“We’ve had a few people come in the past expecting us to teach them,” he explained.

“That’s not what we’re here for and if you’re looking for teaching then the best place to get that is on a writing course.

“We’re focused on working as a group to bring all of our work to a wider audience and share and critique each other’s writing.”

To see the writers’ blogs visit

The group meets between 5.30pm and 7pm at the pub in Letchmore Road.

For more email Tony at