Green Party leader Natalie returns as People’s Assembly in North Herts stages rally in Stevenage tomorrow

Green Party leader Natalie Bennett

Green Party leader Natalie Bennett - Credit: Archant

Green Party leader Natalie Bennett will be back on the campaign trail in North Herts tomorrow to support the grass roots People’s Assembly movement.

The high-profile politician came to Hitchin in July for the local assembly’s launch event and she will also be on the platform in Stevenage town centre on Saturday morning.

Assembly supporters have organised a rally which will gather at 10.30am by the Gordon Craig Theatre and then follow a route past the Tesco store and Barclays bank into the town centre.

The group’s Chris Nickolay said: “We are campaigning against the government’s cruel and unnecessary austerity policies. These policies are dismantling or reducing public services – the NHS, schools, public housing, family and social work services, libraries, police and much more.

“There will be short static protests outside stores such as Topshop, Vodafone and Boots to highlight their avoidance of UK corporation tax.

“There will also be speeches in the open space outside Costa Coffee.

“This is an open and non-party political event. Everybody with a concern about how the government is destroying the fabric of our society is welcome.

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“We are campaigning for policies that will mean better housing, secure health and social services, public transport that works for all, free higher education and much more.”