Good samaritan’s jewellery stolen by Stevenage teen

A HOMELESS teenager who betrayed a good samaritan’s trust by stealing jewellery from her home has been spared a prison sentence.

Scott Buchan was homeless when he asked friend Shauni Broderick for help last month.

Miss Broderick contacted her friend Susan Thompson who agreed to allow Buchan to stay the night at her Stevenage home.

Before leaving the following day, the 18-year-old stole jewellery worth �3,000 – including an 18 carat diamond necklace – which had been left on the kitchen windowsill overnight.

Despite being confronted by Ms Thompson, Buchan denied he had stolen the jewellery before approaching a number of businesses in Stevenage town centre which buy and sell gold.

While trying to make the sale, Buchan told prospective buyers he had inherited the jewellery from his grandmother and would be using the money for driving lessons.

Buchan, who admitted the theft after being arrested, told police the items were eventually sold for �235 but the jewellery has never been traced to a buyer.

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Speaking at Monday’s sentencing at Stevenage Magistrates’ Court, prosecutor Yasmine Mallick said the jewellery was of “sentimental value” and had been handed down through the victim’s family.

Buchan’s defence counsel Debbie Hunt said: “He is the first to admit this was an awful thing for him to do.

“He had been homeless for some time and saw the opportunity to take the goods.

“He told the police he felt awful and is extremely remorseful.”

Sentencing Buchan to a suspended sentence of 12 weeks, chairman of the bench Richard Hewgill said: “We note that you’ve shown some sense of remorse but we do think this was a despicable crime.”

Buchan, of Sleaps Hyde in Stevenage, was ordered to pay �3,000 in compensation to Ms Thompson and �165 in courts costs.

Mr Hewgill added: “This is your chance to start paying back for something which you did which was totally wrong.”

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