Global star steps off festival stage to give a private concert for terminally-ill Hitchin fan Kevin, 58

Raghu Dixit and Kevin Johnson.

Raghu Dixit and Kevin Johnson. - Credit: Archant

A big-hearted Bollywood singer who played at Rhythms of the World on Sunday showed his caring side by visiting a Hitchin man with terminal cancer straight after performing to nearly 15,000 people at the town’s landmark music festival.

Rhythms of the World 2015 from the air

Rhythms of the World 2015 from the air - Credit: Archant

Singer-songwriter and producer Raghu Dixit stepped off stage and headed across town to Purwell after Valerie Johnson from Maylin Close contacted him through social media to tell him that her 58-year-old husband Kevin Johnson was a massive fan and would love to meet him in person – but that he only had months to live.

Valerie and Kevin – who suffers from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease – were stunned to receive a Facebook reply from the star, who will be playing at Glastonbury this weekend.

Valerie said: “We couldn’t believe it. He’s idolised by millions of people, so for him to reply accepting our invitation shows what a fantastic person he is.

“Kevin’s terminal illness is hard for everyone but when Raghu came to our house he lifted all our spirits.

“For Kevin to see Raghu in our home brought a tear to his eye and made us all feel very emotional.

“It’s great to know despite all his fame and success, Raghu, and his manager Gaurav Vaz, were lovely, humble, spiritual people.

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“Raghu told us he loved Hitchin, and the community feel he experienced in the town.

“He said to us: ‘If the world had more places like Hitchin it would be a better place.’

“He also told us he’d never been to an English house before – and that he enjoyed our Victoria sponge cake.”

Former builder and bodyguard Kevin added: “We still can’t believe a star like Raghu visited. He lifted my spirits.”

Raghu explained: “We wanted to do something special for Kevin and planned an intimate concert in his living room, for him and his family – and after playing at Rhythms we went straight to Kevin and Valerie’s house and played Kevin’s favourite song to him and his wife.

“We can’t imagine the enormity of the situation he and his wife are dealing with but seeing them so positive and beaming with joy through this very difficult time makes us incredibly happy and blessed.”