‘Ghosts and paranormal activity’ found in village

Crews film scenes for the Most Haunted pilot

Crews film scenes for the Most Haunted pilot - Credit: Archant

THERE may be more to a Comet country village than meets the eye, with ghosts and paranormal activity attracting the attention of TV crews.

International clairvoyent medium Marion Goodfellow and TV presenter Andy Matthews

International clairvoyent medium Marion Goodfellow and TV presenter Andy Matthews - Credit: Archant

Greatest Haunts will launch this September and its creators are keen to showcase Pirton, following a stint of filming there in 2011.

They also say they want to film at other locations in Herts and Beds, although cannot disclose where at this time.

Crews, who filmed at The Fox nearly two years ago but never screened the footage, claim to have uncovered paranormal activity in the village.

They hope to return there for more filming, this time across more locations including the High Street and the church.

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Medium Marion Goodfellow, who hails from the village, said: “For a little village, the activity is amazing.

“I saw a soldier walking down the High Street and there’s lots of activity going on in the pub itself.

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“There’s also a lady who had two children in The Fox, who seems to be stuck there for some reason.”

Marion did admit that some people were sceptical about spirits and ghosts.

“I’m not trying to convince anybody,” she said.

“This is my life, I’m a medium, this is what I believe in.

“I believe in survival of the human spirit and will try and prove it to anyone I can. I will put the information on the table and people can do what they like with it.”

Andy Matthews, who presents the show, also said there is a history of paranormal activity in the village.

“The church is lively,” he said.

“Apparently, when it was being built, stones would mysteriously disappear. The locals put it down to the devil’s work.

“When we filmed there and shot a few scenes, the cameras, which had nine hours battery, all drained and the electromagnetic was all over the place.”

The show’s first series, which will be screened on TV channel Really, will showcase locations in Northern Ireland. But the Pirton pilot can be viewed online at www.stansfilm.com

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