Get ready for Project 15’s pop-up contemporary art exhibition in Hitchin

One of Project 15's striking contemporary art pieces

One of Project 15's striking contemporary art pieces - Credit: Archant

A group of artists are putting the finishing touches to a pop-up art exhibition in Hitchin.

Anna Fairchild

Anna Fairchild - Credit: Archant

The collective, known as Project 15, aim to bring contemporary art to everyone with free shows.

Talented group members Anna Fairchild, Nigel Markham, Martin Rigg, Ozturk 1962 and Jenny Souter will be showcasing their work at 16/17 Hermitage Road from Monday until June 14.

Jenny told the Comet: “As individual artists we exhibit in many places, but endeavour to show our work together as a group under Project 15 in Hitchin, whenever the opportunity arises.

“In the past we have also provided workshops. Fortunately we have been able to do this for the last five years, and are sponsored by the Arts Council.”

A sample of Ozturk 1962's work

A sample of Ozturk 1962's work - Credit: Archant

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Jenny’s work is described as punchy and colourful and is heavily influenced by the ‘theatre of her surroundings’.

Her work includes paintings, prints and sculptures in glass archiving information.

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She has recently exhibited twice in Cambridge and last year in Hitchin and at the prestigious Menier Gallery in London.

Ozturk 1962 is a multi medium artist studying a Masters Degree in Fine Art. He explains his art by saying: “My work concentrates processes which expose the formal qualities of materials and form.”

The exhibition is open from 10am to 5pm daily.

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