Get ready for Fabios exclusive Easter Egg gelato – as much-loved Hitchin ice-cream parlour launches revolutionary new machine designed to make even more mouth-watering flavours!

Fabios Gelato are launching a new ice cream roll machine.

Fabios Gelato are launching a new ice cream roll machine. - Credit: Archant

As the evenings get lighter and the sun makes a longed-for appearance Fabios Gelato in Hitchin have launched a new ice-cream roll machine in time for the hotter weather.

The much-loved ice cream parlour on Hermitage Road now has a revolutionary machine that can make even more mouth-watering flavours.

After a trip to Thailand, owners Fabio and Hannah Vincenti came across a new way to make ice-cream on frozen plates – and decided to incorporate something similar into their shop.

Fabio told the Comet: “We are amazed at the theatre, taste and even more so the amazing combination of flavours which could be created.

“Our holiday ended up with us spending a long time researching the machines and suppliers instead of sitting on a beach!

“Every day we would visit the same stall where we would use Google to communicate, and he filled us with advice and knowledge which helped us no end.”

The machine works by having various tasty ingredients poured and placed on a cold plate where the temperature is an arctic -20 degrees – before everything is ‘smashed up’ and sliced using two spatulas. After 90 seconds – after the milk freezes while mixing with more mouth-watering ingredients the ice cream is removed off the cold plate into rolls.

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As Fabio explains: “Not only does this new process make the ice cream incredibly delicious but it is also healthier than ‘normal’ ice cream.

“We are passionate about producing our own gelato here but it’s made behind the scenes and not all of our customers know we produce it ourselves.

“I’ve spent many hours trying to perfect our Cadbury Creme Egg Gelato – and this year I think I’ve cracked it.

“With our new ice cream roll machine children and adults can now enjoy seeing the ice-cream being made right in front of them.”