German and French Olympic London 2012 guests stay in North Herts

VISITORS from across the channel have been visiting Comet country as part of a town twinning visit.

About 80 French and German visitors stayed with families in the area, thanks to the efforts of Baldock Town Twinning Association.

The visitors – from Sanvignes and Eisenberg – also sampled London’s Olympic Games, and nearly 200 tickets were secured for them and their hosts.

Humphrey Pickering, honourary chairman of the Baldock Town Twinning Association, hailed the visit a success.

He said: “The London 2012 Olympic Games have been the occasion for the visit, but this was simply the culmination of 27 years of town twinning.

“Close friendships have been formed over the years, and each of us now has a better understanding of each others’ culture.

“Even our culinary tastes have improved, and our continental guests have learned that British cooking can be outstanding. Long may that continue and we look forward to visiting Eisenberg in 2013 for the celebration of 1,250 years since the town was founded.”

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The twinning association received praise from its continental counterparts, at a gala dinner held at the Broadway Hotel in Letchworth GC.

Jean-Claude Lagrange, mayor of Sanvignes, said that it should receive three gold medals, for hospitality, friendship, and organisation.

There was also praise for the scheme from the hosts and visiting families.

Fiona Schreuder, one of the hosts for the town twinning event, said: “We had a fantastic day at the beach volleyball. Even though GB wasn’t playing we got right behind all the players competing. The atmosphere was fantastic with lots of music and dancers as well as some good sport.”