General Election 2017: Statement from North East Hertfordshire Green candidate Tim Lee

Tim Lee, the Green Party candidate in North East Hertfordshire.

Tim Lee, the Green Party candidate in North East Hertfordshire. - Credit: Archant

I have worked 30 years in industry, negotiating internationally and creating workable solutions that get delivered.

In the last 10 years, I shaped every company policy and led employee representation through many difficult times negotiating both individually and collectively to achieve the best outcome.

I will work for you in the same way, with passion, compassion and careful consideration to create a better world.

I live in Letchworth Garden City and admire the concepts Ebenezer Howard espoused when he created the town.

He found a smart way to harness private enterprise and social compassion for the common good, principles that I and the Green Party firmly believe in.

Only the Green Party promises to introduce a Citizen’s Income providing every citizen with an unconditional, non-withdrawable basic income.

This will enable citizens to have a more flexible approach to work, retirement and caring for others.

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It seeks to bring greater fairness to all, for the common good, and remove the iniquity that so often happens under Conservative policies.

David Clapson starved to death in Stevenage, because of those policies. Vote to stop the cruelty of the Conservatives. Vote Green for a better fairer future.

I want to see it become easier for companies to create jobs and wealth. The Green Party proposals on simplification in taxation and the removal of national insurance are a step towards making it the party for business.

I want to see a new framework that assists and rewards environmentally considerate businesses and helps them profit around the world from their innovations.

I, of course, passionately believe we must take care of the environment. I want to see us massively reduce the plastic going into the oceans and fields around us. I will seek solutions to the issue of fly-tipping

I believe we need to create energy security based on renewables not fossil fuels supplied by other countries. We have a wealth of natural energy all round us which we need to harness, store and use. Local solutions provide local jobs and less waste.

I have seen the other parties repeatedly take good ideas from the Green Party. A vote for Green counts, it is never wasted, other parties listen, learn and become greener.