Game Review: WWE All Stars

(THQ, available on Xbox 360, PS3, PSP and Wii)

THWACK! It’s pain time all over again as one of the greatest wrestling series of all time makes a triumphant return with an all new title mixing up contemporary legends with hall-of-famers, offering arcade-style gameplay which will keep you coming back for more.

The roll-call of talent from the past and present is very impressive, and there’s the chance to pit wrestlers from different eras against each other, offering some dream match-ups the likes of which you’d never see in real life.

Fusing the fireworks and flair of today with the rugged edges of yesteryear makes for some fascinating grudge matches, and it never gets tired choosing which wrestling superstars you want to see entering the ring.

There are a host of different modes and matches, which can all be modified to change the number of participants, including the likes of tornado tag team and steel cage, and online you can compete to boost your position on a special leaderboard.

A personal favourite feature is Create a Superstar, which allows you to take a basic wrestling figure and mould his look in any way you desire, meaning you could even see an avatar of yourself slamming down on the mat with the likes of Stone Cold Steve Austin.

The gameplay is excellent, with a fighting system which is very accessible to newcomers, but reveals hidden depths the more you play. Characters all feature their own unique moves and tactics, and there’s some real over-the-top action to proceedings which never fails to raise a smile.

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Fun is the key factor throughout WWE All Stars, and that’s what ensures its addictive nature, knocking spots off other wrestling games and ensuring you keep coming back for more.

Now please excuse me while I go back to inflict some more violence on Hulk Hogan’s head…