Gallery: Festival heats up chilli weekend

THE weather over the bank holiday may have been a bit disappointing but there was one event that was scorching hot.

The Benington Chilli Festival featured around 50 stalls selling everything from chilli beer to hot sauces strong enough to make even a seasoned spice fan consider a Korma.

Richard Bott, the organiser, said: “We were really lucky it was great.

“Just over five thousand people attended with three thousand on Monday and two thousand on Sunday.

“It was great we were really lucky with the weather it flitted between showers and sunshine.

“It was fantastic the stall holders were delighted, they nearly all sold out.

“There were a couple of people parked in the road but we were able to stop it.”

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The event ran from August 29-30 and took place at the Benington Lordship, near Stevenage, which has been occupied since Saxon times.

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