GALLERY: Boro players visit Lister to hand out presents

Supporters’ Association and players organise Stevenage’s annual visit

Weeks of planning and wrapping culminated in Boro’s annual visit to the children’s wards at the Lister Hospital on Wednesday evening.

The tour of the Bluebell Ward was followed by the A&E unit as patients, visitors and nursing staff all made the Boro party very welcome.

Pizza’s generously donated by Pizza Hut certainly had everyone on their side as the team set about delivering all manner of toys, sweets, videos and signed footballs.

Jacky, Claire and Jennie from the Supporters’ Association liased with Clive Abrey and Chris Day at the club to bring the event together and despite the weather there was an excellent turnout.

Day brought along skipper Mark Roberts, Scott Laird, Darren Murphy, Chris Beardsley, Peter Winn, Joel Byrom and Luke Foster all of whom played their part to perfection even if just this once they were upstaged by Boro the Bear.

Supporters’ Association’s Peter Keen said: “As one mum commented to me as her daughter gazed at Boro, ‘that’s the first time she’s smiled since being admitted’. The feeling was mutual and we wish everyone there a speedy recovery.”

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The SA would like to thank all at The Lister and everyone at the club who participated in making this joyful event.

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