GALLERY AND VIDEO: Stevenage police station roof protester down from building

Gabriel Yellowe earlier on today

Gabriel Yellowe earlier on today - Credit: Archant

A MAN who was protesting on the roof of Stevenage Police Station has come down from the building.

Gabriel Yellowe of Langthorn Avenue, Stevenage, has been at the scene since 11am this morning (Wednesday).

He came down around 3pm after protesting that he had been unfairly targeted by the police.

He said: “I am an innocent man. The police tried to prosecute me two years ago for something I did not do.”

Mr Yellowe says that it stems from an incident that broke out in the nightclub Liquid and Envy in 2009.

The 52-year-old was working as a security officer at Stevenage Leisure Park and helped break up a fight, but said he was assaulted twice by two members of staff that worked alongside him.

“The police arrested me by telephone which really shocked me,” he said.

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“They then tried to prosecute me for GBH and affray, this was then reduced to ABH and affray. The trial went to Luton Crown Court but I was found not guilty.

“I made a complaint to the police but they decided not to take it any further.”

He added: “What about justice for me? What about my job? My family?

This is not going to be over until I get justice. Next time you will see me again I will be on top of the courthouse.”