GALLERY: A big royal knees up in Comet country

THOUSANDS of revellers in Comet country were treated to unprecedented sunshine, as they took to the streets last Friday to celebrate the biggest wedding of the century so far.

More than 500 people packed into Lancaster Avenue and Lancaster Road, Hitchin, making it the largest street party in Hertfordshire.

Residents decked out their houses in the morning, with the best chosen by Ruth Beill, who has lived on the street for 40 years and organised the last street party for Charles and Diana’s wedding.

A barbecue, bouncy castle, live music from four local bands, races, games, face painting, frock swap, and bunting making all featured.

“The day went better than I could have possibly imagined,” said Rebecca Kelly, who helped organise the party.

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“It turned out to be a superb way to celebrate such a great occasion. We were delighted that so many people came out and enjoyed the day.

“It was good to be part of the national outpouring of joy that saw all ages enjoying the novelty of being able to eat, chat and party on the street.”

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The largest street party in Stevenage was held on Manchester Close, where more than 300 people turned out to celebrate the big day.

The event, which took months of preparation, featured a hog roast, games, competitions and live entertainment.

Prizes were dished out to the winners of races, which were held on a specially set up athletics track, and entertainment was led by Andy Harvey, a professional DJ who lives on the close.

MP Stephen McPartland, who was one of the guests, got soaked after accepting the challenge to put his head through the sponge board game.

Bearton Green, Hitchin, decided to use the day to raise money for charity, while putting on a number of fun events.

A cake competition, fancy dress, treasure hunt, lucky dip, face painting, Chinese lanterns and a rendition of the national anthem all helped to raise more than �600 for Keech Hospice.

Newton Road, Stevenage, also managed to raise money for charity, with more than �300 raised going to Developing Counselling in the School and Community.

A total of 100 people turned out to enjoy the day, which included scooter races, raffles, a fire breather, a DJ and a disco.

“Our street party was a great success,” said resident David Chell.

“Lots of new friends were made, with the whole community both young and old getting together. We would like to do another one next year!”

Great Wymondley went all out for the big day too, dressing up as if they were going to the wedding, and watching the royal couple’s nuptials on a big screen in the church.

Wheelbarrows were used to play a polo match, and a royal boules contest saw many villagers try their luck to be crowned champion.

Schools didn’t miss out on the fun either. Purwell Primary School, Hitchin, hosted a day which saw a magic show, Punch and Judy show, slow bicycle race, and vintage tea rooms on the programme.

Woolenwick School also celebrated in style, joining forces with Fairview Road Residents’ Association to spend the afternoon partying, playing games, eating and drinking.

“It was a wonderful day,” said Mel Cox, the main organiser.

“All ages from eight months to 80 years took part! This was a wonderful example of how we live and work together.”

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