Future of neglected cat – found in a terrible condition in Stevenage – looking much brighter thanks to good Samaritans

The injured cat.

The injured cat. - Credit: Archant

A charity is thanking two women for their support in helping rescue a badly neglected cat they found in Stevenage on Saturday.

The cat is covered in what appears to be cigarette burns.

The cat is covered in what appears to be cigarette burns. - Credit: Archant

When Gemma Brown found the 11-year-old light brown cat called Alfie on a doorstep he had a badly swollen eye and was covered in red marks.

He has now been signed over to charity Cats Protection, which will work to rehome him when his condition improves.

Coordinator Bianca Kubler said: “We would like to thank Gemma and Carmen Brown for being so proactive and caring enough to get him to a vet.

“Alfie had three suppers on Tuesday night and his face has been gently cleaned. He seems happy to be snuggled up in his soft, warm bed with a full tummy.”

The cat was found around 7.35pm on Saturday.

The cat was found around 7.35pm on Saturday. - Credit: Archant

Gemma works for Stevenage Borough Council and was out canvassing for the electoral roll in Mackenzie Square at about 7.35pm when she found Alfie.

The 25-year-old said: “It was dark and initially I thought he had been attacked by a dog, but having a closer look it seemed like cigarette burns.

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“One of his eyes was completely red and his nose was really swollen around two cigarette burns.

“His hair was all matted and he smelt bad.”

Gemma was so shocked by his condition that she called her mum Carmen straight away.

As soon as she arrived Gemma returned home to pick up a cat carrier and they then took the animal to Great Ashby Veterinary Surgery in Whitehorse Lane.

Despite his injuries, Alfie was not scared of people and waited patiently with Carmen until she returned to take him to the vets.

Gemma thinks the marks were caused by cigarette burns, but this is currently impossible to verify as Alfie is not yet well enough to be properly examined.

Pictures of Alfie were widely circulated online after he was rescued, prompting an angry response from many people who wanted those responsible for neglecting him caught.

Writing on Facebook, Angela Sapsford said: “Absolutely disgusting. I hope the culprit gets prosecuted.

“Well done to the kind lady who rescued him. Hope he gets a forever loving home when he is better.”

Bianca wanted to reassure the public that Alfie is now in safe hands.

She said: “A big thank you to the public for all the interest shown in Alfie’s plight. Rest assured his little life has now changed for the better and he will receive all the care and affection he deserves.”

She also explained that the cat’s owner has died and their family have signed over the animal to them. Alfie will remain at the surgery until he is well enough to be rehomed.