Futsal organisation aiming to make waves in Letchworth

Bal Singh (second to the left on the back row) is keen to create a futsal league in Letchworth.

Bal Singh (second to the left on the back row) is keen to create a futsal league in Letchworth. - Credit: Archant

An organisation which pledges to promote healthy lifestyles and tackling anti-social behaviour among young people is looking to make waves in Letchworth.

The Khalsa Football Academy – thanks to grants from the Letchworth Garden City Heritage Foundation and North Herts District Council – is aiming to create a futsal league in Letchworth.

Futsal – which is a modified form of football played with five players on a smaller, indoor pitch – workshops have already been run at Fearnhill Sports Centre for young people aged between eight and 16.

Football coach Bal Singh, who founded the academy in Letchworth almost 30 years ago, is driving the project.

“Thanks to the support of the district council’s Get Active team and the Foundation we will be able to make a big impact delivering bespoke futsal initiatives in the community,” he said.

“Every coach I have worked with appreciates and understands the importance of futsal.

“On and off the futsal court it is important for the academy to demonstrate class and integrity.

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“Last season in the Stevenage Futsal League we won the league with a 100 per cent record and also won other five-a-side titles at youth and senior level.”

Bal, who is also a Letchworth Garden City Eagles mentor coach, added: “The club will continue to use futsal in a positive way to tackle issues such as participation in sport, anti-social behaviour and racism which is still a massive issue in futsal competitions and society.”

Helen MacFarlane, who is Active Letchworth partnership leader at the Foundation, said: “We are really pleased to support the academy which will help create robust partnerships throughout Letchworth including with the district council and local sports clubs.

“They will contribute towards our aim of increasing participation levels for a healthy Letchworth, and we are especially pleased that they are looking to address social and mental wellbeing as well as physical.”

Anyone who wants to get involved in Bal’s futsal project should email bal@thekfa.com.