Freeman has just added £5m to his value - Westley

Boro boss Graham Westley

Boro boss Graham Westley - Credit: Archant

Stevenage boss delighted with winger’s sensational brace and all-round performance in win over Bradford

Graham Westley joked that Luke Freeman’s two wonder strikes will add £5m to his value

The Stevenage manager praised his winger’s performance following a 25-yarder and a well-worked free-kick - both of which will go down as probably the best two goals scored by the club this season.

After the match Westley said: “Well, the football club’s going to be delighted because he’s put about £5m on his transfer fee Freeman, so it’s a really positive day for the long term future of the football club.

“He showed the class he’s got. He played down the right today, he drifted in from that side and was a constant menace.

“I saw on a twitter post that the left-back look terrified, I think he did; he didn’t know which way he was going. Two fantastic finishes, one from a well-worked free-kick and the other from a brilliant piece of individual skill.

“We knew that we probably hadn’t got what we deserved out of the first half. On balance we probably had the better of the chances and their goal was coming under some pressure before they got he second.

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“We went in feeling a little bit disappointed with the way the first half had gone. We knew we had to steel ourselves to go and get the result in the second half and I think the players did exactly that.

“I think you could tell that the steel in their eyes that a crossbar being hit [by Bira Dembele] wasn’t going to get in their way. They were quite determined that they were going to come away with the points today.

“They knew it was them or us. The three points were there and one side had to win [the points] and we had to make our minds up that we would be the side that came away with the points.”