Free CV workshop in Letchworth for those looking to change careers in 2018

Do you struggle with writing your CV? Recruitment specialists Ellis Mason is offering a workshop free of charge in Letchworth.

The idea is to help jobseekers that may be left lacking in confidence when applying for roles.

Commenting on the event, Emma Ellis from Ellis Mason said: “For some people, writing a CV comes naturally and for other it is a real struggle. It is those people that we are trying to help. The job market changes ever year and that often means that what employers look for in a CV changes too.

“We’ll be able to talk about the kind of feedback we receive from employers and what they do and don’t like to see in a CV.

“Putting a CV together can be stressful but once you have invested the time and energy to get it right, it will dramatically change your job search for you.

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“Often people over-think the process and can make a CV too difficult to read for employers to understand – quite often simplicity is what works. This is the kind of detail that I will explain further in the workshop for people.”

The workshop will offer help and advice on the CV writing process but will not involve actually writing a CV.

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There will also be a chance to ask for career advice from recruitment experts on the evening.

The workshop will be held at the Devonshire Business Centre in Letchworth on Tuesday from 6pm to 8pm – just turn up on the evening.

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