Hitchin care home couple celebrate 64 years of marriage on Valentine’s Day

Alan and Jean Lewsey, who are currently in Foxholes Care Home, Hitchin, are celebrating 64 years thi

Alan and Jean Lewsey, who are currently in Foxholes Care Home, Hitchin, are celebrating 64 years this Valentine's Day. Picture: Supplied - Credit: Archant

An elderly couple who live in Hitchin and have been married for more than 60 years shared the secrets of their successful marriage on Valentine’s Day.

Alan Lewsey, 87, and wife Jean, 83, have been reminiscing about their early life together, as their temporary care home, Foxholes, prepared a special candlelit dinner for them last Friday.

While the pair currently reside in Foxholes as respite patients, they have been sharing the secrets to a long lasting marriage.

When asked about the dating period of their youth, Alan said: "We were courting for a few years. We used to meet each other, go to the pictures together to see films. One week I paid, the next Jean would cover it.

"I'd pick Jean up and take her home at night. I used to walk a long way home after seeing her home first!"

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Alan added: "We knew we were in love early on when courting. And I've loved her ever since."

As with any couple, they have experienced the ups and downs over the years. Despite this, they both insist they never had any serious fall outs and always stuck by one another.

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So what's the key to a successful marraige? Alan said: "Stand by each other. Look after each other, and love each other. Do everything you can together, as you're only together for a certain time."

When asked what was her favourite thing about Alan, Jean simply said: "He's kind to me."

This has been in evidence in recent years, with Alan acting as Jean's carer for the past four years after a fall. Although this has started to take its toll on Alan, he says he loves looking after his wife and still looks out for Jean any way that he can.

The couple liken themselves to the proverbial pairing of Darby and Joan - the archetypal, devoted, married couple. "We're like Darby and Joan. That's what we are. My mum and dad were the same, and Jean's mum and dad," said Alan.

The love they share for each other is something that's inspired others in Foxholes, so to help them celebrate Valentine's Day the head chef cooked them a special dinner.

Neil Gandecha, Estate Manager at Foxholes Care Home, said: "Alan and Jean are a wonderful couple and an inspiration. Having been in love for such a long time, they're well placed to offer advice to others - whatever the secret is, they certainly know it!"

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