Four councillors resign after ‘losing faith’ in Arlesey Town Council’s leadership

Arlesey Town Council office

Arlesey Town Council office - Credit: Archant

Four members of Arlesey Town Council have resigned after losing faith in its leadership.

Councillors Chris Gravett, Duncan Wang, Darren Hazelwood and Andrew Ward handed in their resignations yesterday.

Writing on Facebook, Councillor Gravett said: “Just to inform residents of Arlesey that I resigned from Arlesey Town Council early this morning, Thursday, having fundamental concerns regarding governance and having lost all confidence, trust and faith in the leadership.”

The resignations follow a full council meeting on Tuesday night, chaired by vice-chairman David West, where members rejected the council’s accounts for the second month running.

They also voted for a full external audit to be carried out of the procedures, accounts and processes of the council by accounting firm BDO in line with the Whitehill Town Council report – which was published after it emerged there were financial irregularities at the Hampshire town council.

Councillor Wang said: “I resigned from the council yesterday, Thursday, because it has become very frustrating that we cannot get any changes in the way things are run through.

“We have a number of concerns over the way things are run and even though we were successful in voting through an external audit we have been unable to change much else.”

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Councillor Mick Holloway and five other members also expressed at the meeting their lack of confidence in chairman Nick Daniels, who wasn’t present.

They attempted to hold a vote on the issue but as it was not on the agenda Councillor West would not allow it to take place.

Councillor Hazelwood said: “To help alleviate any misunderstandings, I have resigned from Arlesey Town Council this evening due to major governance concerns and am no longer a councillor.”

Councillor Ward said: “This morning I have resigned from Arlesey Town Council due to major governance concerns and am no longer a councillor.”

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