Former Hitchin BID manager to run as Lib Dem candidate in local elections

Keith Hoskins is running as the Lib Dem candidate for Hitchin and Highbury ward. Picture: Liberal De

Keith Hoskins is running as the Lib Dem candidate for Hitchin and Highbury ward. Picture: Liberal Democrats - Credit: Archant

Former Hitchin town centre manager Keith Hoskins has been announced as a Liberal Democrat candidate for the upcoming district council elections.

Keith, known by many as ‘Mr Hitchin’, will run as a candidate for the Hitchin Highbury ward in May’s elections.

Having served as town centre manager for Hitchin Initiative since 1997 before retiring in early 2018, as well as establishing Hitchin BID, Keith is keen to continue supporting the town’s residents.

“After serving as town centre manager for just over 20 years, and getting to know so many residents during that time, I wanted to find a way to continue to make a positive contribution to the town,” he said.

“I am therefore delighted to be standing as a district councillor for Highbury ward on behalf of the Liberal Democrats.

“Hitchin is a vibrant community and has weathered recent political and economic uncertainty well, but we must avoid complacency and seek bold solutions to the problems that we are facing.

“By supporting me in the district council elections in May, I hope that I can use my years of experience and contacts to the benefit of the town.”

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Keith’s aims – should he be elected – were outlined in a Lib Dem statement which read: “Keith aims to continue the important work he has done on behalf of residents and local businesses.

“He will push for the redevelopment of Churchgate and The Dell and address the long-standing issues with town centre parking.

“Keith will also look at the role of local government itself to ensure that it is serving local residents as it should, and gives proper emphasis to Hitchin’s interests.”

If successful, Keith would become the third Lib Dem councillor to represent Hitchin Highbury on the council alongside councillors Paul Clark and Sam Collins.

“We’re delighted that Keith accepted our nomination to become the Liberal Democrat candidate for Hitchin Highbury,” said George Osborn, Hitchin and South branch chairman for the Lib Dems.

“He is the epitome of what it means to be a Liberal Democrat. His dedication to public service, tireless work on behalf of the community, his commitment to pragmatic local policy and his fundamental decency is what our party aspires to.

“We believe that Keith would be an excellent local champion for Hitchin Highbury and that electing him would provide a major boost to the whole of Hitchin.”