Forget crazy transfer fees, Letchworth football club sold for £45 on eBay

Letchworth Albion Football Club were sold for £45 after ex-chairman James Parkin decided to step dow

Letchworth Albion Football Club were sold for £45 after ex-chairman James Parkin decided to step down credit: Matthew Morris - Credit: Archant

Never mind £85m for the transfer of Gareth Bale – an entire football club has been sold on eBay for £45.

Letchworth Albion FC was sold to Mathew Morris and Grant Whittaker, both 24 and from Letchworth GC, after the club’s former chairman, 26-year-old James Parkin put the club up for sale having stepped down from his role.

The club was established four years ago and plays in Hitchin Sunday League Division II.

One of the selling points on the online auction site was “a general lack of footballing talent”.

It has a squad of 35 players and the team has kept a clean sheet on just four occasions in their history.

Co-owner Mr Morris, a civil enforcement engineer, is also taking over the role of manager while Mr Whittaker, a civil engineer, will be the club secretary.

Mr Morris, who has played for the club for three years, said: “We bought the club to help it expand and attract new players. We currently run Letchworth Albion TV News which gives feedback on that week’s game and helps raise the profile of the club.

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“It’s not a very old club and we want everyone in the area to know who Letchworth Albion FC are.”

On why he is stepping down Mr Parkin, a structural engineer, said: “I’ve ran the club for four years and it’s like a big family. We had some tough times when I first took over but we’ve got a great team spirit now.

“I wouldn’t expect too much footballing talent and anyone who takes over takes over will expect to see a lot of goals, even if we’re conceding them.

“My time in charge has been great but I’ve got personal commitments that mean I can’t dedicate the time the club needs.

“It’s a great club and I fully intend to keep turning out week-in, week-out for the team.”

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