Fly tipping threatening lives in Stevenage

FLY tippers are threatening lives by dumping waste in the middle of a country road at night.

Drivers using Chadwell Road in the Norton Green area of Stevenage – a neighbourhood blighted by fly tipping - were forced to make emergency stops after large logs and tree debris were left dumped in the road last week.

A resident, who did not want to be named, suspected an act of revenge by repeat criminals after a trench was dug around a nearby landfill site to prevent fly tipping. He had counted six tips in the area in the last three weeks.

“It’s a deliberate act of sabotage. They are deliberately looking to now cause an accident. There is nowhere to tip stuff so we now get it in our roads. It is done at night.”

He said he had repeatedly reported fly tipping to the borough council and police, but nothing had been done to stop the problem.

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“In the past I’ve been told by police not to prosecute because of the risk to my safety,” he added.

“The council know who the perpetrators are. The council has been given vehicle numbers.

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“There’s a simple solution. If there’s no tax on their cars, remove their vehicles.

“There’s no law and order. If I wanted to stop them doing it I would have to get a gun.”

A spokesman for the borough council said a clean up has been carried out in the area following reports and the authority is working with police “to investigate a witnessed incident to consider what can be done to tackle fly tipping in this area.”

Since April the authority has cleared 1367 incidents of dumped waste, of which 840 have been investigated. There were a total of 3090 incidents in 2011 and 2781 in 2010.

The council could not give a figure for the annual cost of the problem, but has a ‘cleansing’ budget of �1.5m a year. The authority said it will prosecute anyone caught dumping waste.

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